edata Group Code of Conduct

The edata Group Code of Conduct is an unambiguous guideline for dealing with each other and an important part of every employment contract.

In this context, no discrimination on the grounds of race, ethnic origin, gender, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation shall be permitted.

Discrimination in the aforementioned is deemed to occur if it directly or indirectly results in the person concerned being treated less favorably than another person in a comparable situation who does not have the characteristic of discrimination.

The benchmark for the edata Group of companies and its employees is that the person concerned may feel disadvantaged as a result of discriminatory behavior. Such behavior alone must be avoided. All employees to whom one or more of the above-mentioned characteristics apply must be treated with unrestricted respect and esteem, and they must be treated without consideration of the existence of any of such characteristics.

Any form of disparagement or insult must be avoided. Of course, sexual harassment of any kind must also be avoided. This includes any behavior that can even potentially be regarded as undesirable by those affected. In particular, making accessible to a third party any images, texts or other representations of sexual content - even if only visually - must be avoided.

The edata Group and its employees agree that violations of this code of conduct will lead to legal consequences for the person or persons engaging in such behavior.


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